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2016 Study of Media Planning and Buying

A study conducted jointly by Kantar Media and James G. Elliott Co., Inc. to understand the challenges today's Media Planners, Buyers and Sellers face, and to discover areas where expectations are misaligned.

Publisher's Guides and Decks based on both Planners/Buyers and Sellers questionnaires are available for free download here:


The James G. Elliott Co., Inc., which began as a publishers’ rep some 30 years ago, has evolved into the nation’s largest national outsourced media ad sales company and a full-service media solutions consultancy for print and digital publishers and organizations.  We provide our clients with comprehensive custom solutions and publishing services, all of which offer an alternative to a publisher’s own direct employees or patchwork of regional representative firms, and employ expert consultants with an inside and in-depth knowledge of the current media landscape. If you’re looking for an outsourced media sales force, magazine publishers’ representative, or experienced publishing consultant, contact the James G. Elliott Co.,Inc. today.

Outsourced Media Sales

The Elliott Company hires talented and seasoned advertising sales representatives to work on your media properties as your staff. They carry your business cards, use your email addresses and data systems, attend your meetings, and communicate with other members of your organization. The difference, however, is that they are our employees with our benefits, under our management and in offices in major advertising centers, which relieves you of the costs and headaches associated with full-time personnel and travel. In addition, as our employees, they have access to a stronger set of tools through our complete marketing, research and support services.

Media Business Solutions

With a uniquely deep and broad understanding of all aspects of media and publishing, the Elliott Co. offers expertise in the following:

  • revenue evaluation
  • system analysis
  • business strategies
  • management solutions. 

Regardless of your company’s size, platform, or resources, we can analyze the potentials—and pitfalls—of launching, rebranding, migrating and developing your print and digital communications.  We can also create revenue-generating programs, partnerships and advertising networks with a full suite of today’s most powerful marketing, research and support tools.