2015 REPORT: Understanding Today's Media Buyers

"I am very excited to announce the second Study of Media Planning & Buying from Kantar Media SRDS & James G. Elliott Co. The study validates much that was in the 2013 study but adds more dimension and also asks about programmatic buying."  — Jim Elliott

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Mr. Magazine™ interviewed Jim Elliott and Kantar Media's Steve Davis about the new study:

Agency Media Planners and Buyers are spread very thinly, with multiple assignments and significant financial responsibilities placed upon them every day. Steve Davis, President of SRDS and Kantar Media Health Research, and Jim Elliott, President of the James. G. Elliott Co., got together recently to do a study on the needs of media planners and buyers in terms of time, opportunities and money.

This was the second study the two companies had done between October, 2013 and January, 2015 and showed significant changes in some areas of the second study such as:


  • The average respondent recommended or helped purchase $25.9 million in advertising over the past 12 months in 2015—up significantly from $19.4 million in 2013. However, this could be a reflection of more respondents from slightly larger companies. Big companies plan bigger ad budgets.


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New Research: What Influences Agency Media Buyer Decision-Making?

Association Media & Publishing's Sidebar blog interviews Lindsay Morrison, VP of Marketing Communications at Kantar Media SRDS & Healthcare Research, a group that collects, organizes, and delivers advertising data to connect media buyers with media sellers.

SRDS recently teamed up with AM&P member James G. Elliott Co., Inc. on an important new market research study designed to understand the information needs of media planners and buyers at advertising agencies. What follows are some of the surprising results of this study, which was conducted in Q4 2013 and included 204 individual respondents.  Here's an excerpt:

Sidebar: What are some of the surprises gleaned from your recent survey of advertising agencies?

Morrison: One of the more interesting is that there are an increasing number of media buyers who are planning and buying advertising schedules all year long, as opposed to the more traditional pattern of planning and buying your advertising in the fall for the coming year and then being done with it. In our survey, 63 percent of the media buyers said they are buying schedules sporadically, quarterly, or semi-annually.

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Current Trends in Media Planning and Buying Revealed

New research from Kantar SRDS and the James G. Elliott Co., Inc. now being released  illuminates factors that affect the way media is planned and bought today.  Samir "Mr. Magazine™" Husni's video interview with Steve Davis and Jim Elliott, presidents of the sponsoring companies, will help viewers see how they can increase ad sales revenues by applying these findings and selling the way today's buyers want to be sold.

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Read more about it in our latest issue of Ads and Ideas: /ads-ideas/2014/3/19/how-agencies-plan-and-buy-today.html

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