NATURE CONSERVANCY Magazine Will Accept Its First Advertising in 2013

From min's 10/8/2012 issue:

Excerpts: “ ‘The reason is practical,’ says … publisher/editorial director Teresa Duran, who recently switched to the business side after serving nine years as editor-in-chief. ‘We want to direct our members' fees … to conservation—which is our mission—rather than paying to produce a magazine.’”

 “Duran calls the parent Nature Conservancy ‘a big tent that is nonpartisan and nonconfrontational. We work with private landowners, corporations, and the government. For example, with BP, we worked to ensure that its …well settings in the West would not go in places that were harmful to species in their habitat. And, in the aftermath of the [2010] spillage in the Gulf of Mexico, we were a huge advocate of getting funds from BP and others directed back to the Gulf states for restoration work and conservation work.’”

 “ ‘We've protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide and we operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally.’”

 “ ‘We won't allow anything from 'extractive industries,' meaning oil and gas….  Gambling is not allowed either…..’”

 “…Leading the sales effort is New York-based James G. Elliott Co. general manager…Dennis Connaughton (Field & Stream publisher during the 1990s).”

Note:  Four-color page rate is $55,250 on 650,000. 

First issue with advertising is March/April 2013