James Elliott, President of the James G. Elliott Company visited with "Mr. Magazine™" Samir Husni's students at Ole Miss last October. As part of a new blog occasional series The One Minute Advisor, Samir asked Mr. Elliott what he sees as the major mistake most magazine publishers are committing today and what advice he would offer them. 
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2016 Study of Media Planning and Buying

A study conducted jointly by Kantar Media and James G. Elliott Co., Inc. to understand the challenges today's Media Planners, Buyers and Sellers face, and to discover areas where expectations are misaligned.

Publisher's Guides and Decks based on both Planners/Buyers and Sellers questionnaires are available for free download here:

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Record Advertising Revenue for FINalternatives

May 31, 2011
Stone Street Media, owner of digital media properties and events created for the hedge fund, private equity and CTA business sectors, announced today that June, 2011, will be the largest ad revenue month in its history. 

The company publishes the site and FINalternatives weekly newsletter. Its event group trades as FINforums and it produces events for the alternative financial services businesses. 

According to Dennis Connaughton, General Manager of the James G. Elliott Co., Inc., the company that manages the sales and marketing for the FINalternatives properties, "Sales have been steadily trending up for this client. We expect we'll set a revenue record for the year." 

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