Are they financially sound?

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have established banking relationships?
  • Are they financially sound and can they weather a downturn?
  • What is the plan if the owner meets an unexpected emergency—or gets a job offer?
  • What is their turnover like?
  • Have former employees ever sued them?
  • Do you have an understanding of how the rep company is set up?
  • Have you examined the systems that the firm has in place?

Are they right for your current needs?

  • Do you like and trust them?
  • Are they competent and highly recommended?
  • Do they have experience with sales similar to yours in scope, size and volume?
  • Do they have sales management?
  • Can the firm’s senior management provide insight and help with strategies?
  • Do they believe in personal sales calls or telesales?
  • Is their sales style representative of the style you want to project?
  • How do they recruit salespeople (what kinds of tests do they use?)
  • Do they offer sellers competitive compensation packages?
  • Can the sales firm’s capabilities deliver on your actual sales expectations?
  • Do they have an intelligence network to alert sellers to opportunities and RFPs that could benefit your sales effort?
  • Do they have ability to sell integrated programs with print, digital, etc.?
  • Do their office locations reflect the prestige you would want to project?
  • Do you understand what resources the firm has from a marketing standpoint, such as SRDS, MediaRadar, GfK MRI, custom research capabilities and other assets?
  • Do they have a current CRM system you can use, or are they able to adapt to yours?
  • Do they have publisher support services if needed, like media kit and collateral design, IT consulting and CRM implementation, and billing?

Are they right for your future needs?

  • Do they have a track record of client longevity?
  • Does senior management keep up-to-date so they can help you plan?
  • Do other publishers seek out and act on their advice?
  • Do they have the ability to expand to meet your needs nationally?

6 Frequently Asked Questions for James G. Elliott:

Question 1: Tell me about the James G. Elliott Company

Question 2: Are you more like a rep firm or internal sales?

Question 3: Is there a concern about the loss of control when organizations outsource sales to your company?

Question 4: How do you report on your sales activity to the client?

Question 5: What surprises customers when working with the James G. Elliott Co., Inc.?

Question 6: When should you call the James G. Elliott Co., Inc.?